Our philosophy is in our name. By taking pride in a individual and personal relationship with our clients, we create an original vision and plan of execution that is customized just for you.  Leaving you with feelings of no stress and complete confidence in the success of your event.


Amanda founded this company after 15 years of experience in the event industry.  She strongly believes in the idea that the energy and flow behind the planning process contributes to the beauty and success of it. She has committed herself to building personal relationships with each and every client to design and execute with precision.  The name Salt and Sparrow represents vigilance, joy, creativity, purity and flavor which are all aspects that truly defines our company.


About ME

Everyone is born with a natural gift or two in life. Mine happens to be people, family, hosting and visualization. From a young age I always loved to throw a good Party! When I was just a little girl growing up in Los Angeles I remember birthday parties were always my favorite time of year. I would plan every detailed parties for my little brother Nick! My favorite one was a game show party in the theme of the show STUDS (I am dating myself here) me and my Team (12 year old girls) had the best time putting together all the details from the script, to the accessories to the set building. This passion carried on through life; I was the President of my Junior High throwing all kinds of fundraisers and in high school as the President of Events and Promotions, throwing all the school Pep Rally’s and dances. Apparently this passion for party planning never left me.

In my 20’s I began working in production for television that taught me all the logistics of a successful creative event and fine tuned my people skills having to adjust to new teams and personalities consistently. In between shows I looked for jobs that could fill my need for creating. I began working for a local entertainment company and designing parties (and participating as an entertainer if need be) for high profile clients and doing movie premier events! Working under such a seasoned team just continued to give me real life experience and help to develop a all encompassing knowledge of this variable industry.

As time went on I began working with a friend who had started a wedding company. Here I was able to gain all the knowledge I needed on the business side of the industry. Then I became a mom and my time and work knowledge turned into Extreme classroom parties. Crazy kids birthday parties and lots of school fundraising events. As they grew up and it freed my time slightly I was able to get part time work for a very successful Event planner and very quickly become a manager on her team. For the next 7 years I would work planning events for her. When my kids became full time students I decided that it was time to go out on my own and share my gifts with whoever was interested.

This brings us here. I am a planner that has clear creative vision, prides herself in detail, organization and gives every client a unique touch. Event planning isn’t a business to me but a memory I am helping to create for someone. I understand how much personal and financial investment goes into each event which I why I am devoted to give each and every client a personal experience.

I love what I do and if I have the opportunity to work with you I bring only joy, peace, love to the event! Through years of experience I have only developed a staff of the best of the best who hold the same philosophy and work ethic as me! Our motto is be present and HAVE FUN because after all it is a PARTY!